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Client Testimonials

“As an ongoing partner, Praxis delivers responsive support to our IT challenges. They know what needs to get done and are diligent at seeing projects through to completion.”

James Maginn, CEO
Watt Commercial Properties

“If our system went down at any one of our retail locations on a busy weekend, we could lose tens of thousands of dollars for every hour of down time. Praxis has never let me down.”

Rich Morris, VP Information Systems
Hitchcock Automotive Resources

“With sales doubling over the last 5 years, we had to have reliable systems and service. Praxis was right there with us all the way.”

Mike Collins, General Manager
Shorewood Realtors

Wireless Networking

The workplace continues to evolve beyond the traditional desktop as employees and workgroups become more mobile. When professionals conduct business away from their desktop environment, they lose access to valuable applications, Internet content and communications tools. This separation from the desktop negatively impacts the productivity of teams and individuals.

Why Wireless LANs?

Organizations around the world are installing wireless networks to increase employee productivity. Wireless mobility solutions extend the enterprise by keeping employees connected to the corporate network's applications, content, and communications channels for a larger percentage of each day whether they are at work, at home, or on the road.

WLAN Security Concerns - Is Mobility Secure?

With the increased reliance on Wireless LANs, businesses are becoming more concerned about network security. Network managers need to provide end users with freedom and mobility without offering intruders access to the Wireless LAN or the information sent and received on the wireless network. Fortunately, the security technology is now available to provide privacy of corporate data that rides over all types of networks: private corporate networks, the Internet, and wireless LANs. The IEEE 802.1X standard provides reliable, scalable and centralized security management with mutual authentication and dynamic encryption features to protect the privacy of transmitted data.

Productivity Zone

As employees move away from the desktop their productivity decreases. Businesses can improve employee and workgroup productivity by extending secure, high-speed access to the corporate network while at the workplace via wireless and IP Communications at home via telework, and on the road via secure wireless solutions at hotspots. As businesses add mobility solutions, they extend employees access to the corporate network beyond the desktop, thus increasing employee productivity.

In November 2001, an independent study by NOP World—one of the world's largest research and business information companies— found that WLANs enabled end users to stay connected an additional 1.75 hours each day, resulting in an increase in productivity of up to 22 percent.

Praxis Computing - Your Wireless Networking Experts

Praxis Computing offers expert advice and services as you plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize your wireless network. Our Los Angeles based consultants and engineers have direct experience in all phases of deploying wireless networkinfrastructures. They hold Microsoft and Cisco certifications and have experience with companies ranging from small local firms to global enterprises. With specialized tools and knowledge of the latest wireless networking technology, Praxis computing can gain an in-depth knowledge of your business objectives to assist you in successfully deploying your wireless network.


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