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Client Testimonials

“As an ongoing partner, Praxis delivers responsive support to our IT challenges. They know what needs to get done and are diligent at seeing projects through to completion.”

James Maginn, CEO
Watt Commercial Properties

“If our system went down at any one of our retail locations on a busy weekend, we could lose tens of thousands of dollars for every hour of down time. Praxis has never let me down.”

Rich Morris, VP Information Systems
Hitchcock Automotive Resources

“With sales doubling over the last 5 years, we had to have reliable systems and service. Praxis was right there with us all the way.”

Mike Collins, General Manager
Shorewood Realtors

Finding Network Security in the Internet's Ultimate Open Space

Network administrators have good reason to feel beleaguered today. Amid well-publicized attacks on the world's most sophisticated and best-designed networks, IT managers must somehow keep their own networks safe and their companies' private data secure. At the same time they face an overwhelming demand for new communication services, many of them delivered over the public Internet. 

First Line of Defense

The Internet has become an irreplaceable tool for most businesses. It is the primary source of market news and competitor intelligence, a conduit to customers, a medium of direct commerce, and an essential tie to partners and suppliers. Increasingly, it is even being used to extend the traditional WAN. But when a private network connects to the Internet, it opens physical links to more than 50,000 unknown networks and all their unknown users. While this interconnectedness brings exciting opportunities for information sharing, it also brings threats to information not meant for sharing. Network managers face the task of giving their organizations the connectivity they need for corporate and individual communications, while keeping their sensitive information and proprietary data secure.

The good news is that with planning, discipline and a modest investment, secure operation over the Internet is possible for businesses of any size. To help you mitigate security threats and meet your goals for network productivity and total cost of ownership, Praxis Computing offers expert computer security advice and consulting services to support Los Angeles businesses as you plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize your network security solution. Praxis Computing's commitment to technical excellence has been allowed us to achieve the status of Microsoft Certified Partner and Cisco Certified Premier Partner.

Our Los Angeles based consultants and engineers have direct experience in all phases of deploying network security infrastructures. They hold Microsoft and Cisco certifications and have experience running security operations for companies ranging from small local firms to global enterprises.


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